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BotW [19 Apr 2017|03:00pm]

I really wish this community wasn't so dead,especially since Breath of the Wild is doing to great! I'd like to imagine that everyone here enjoyed the game and that there would be more posts and funny quips about it, but it seems that LJ has been comatose for a while. Pity.

Well I hope everyone is doing well and able to play Botw. Cheers!
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10% OFF PURCHASE! [07 Jun 2014|11:56am]

I'm having a 10% off sale for all items (most of which are already discounted, in my STORENVY) at http://heiwang.storenvy.com.
Please use the code: need2sell to apply the discount to your purchase.
Thank you so much for looking!
99% of my items are in MINT condition. I sell doujinshi, artbooks, nendoroids and otome games at reasonable prices

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English Language Manga [22 Aug 2014|11:05am]

Hello! I'm unfortunately moving abroad, and have to part with some of my manga collection. T_T so! I have a few books of the manga-series-version of Zelda up for sale. ♥ I'll ship Media Mail or regular, whichever you prefer.

Sold!Collapse )
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So much to catch up [05 Jul 2014|02:44pm]

So it's been a while. I think the last time this place was active was around the time of Skyward Sword. But I know this place can't be dead, it just can't be, seeing that 1.) Hyrule Warriors is on the way and 2.) dat new Zelda.  Of course we still need to talk about A Link Between Worlds too. So anyway, let's talk. What do you think of Zelda Wii U so far? What about ALBW? Hyrule Warriors?
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[02 Jul 2014|10:44pm]

178 - Hyrule Warriors
22 - Legend of Zelda
6 - Vision of Escaflowne

HERE @ castletown.
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[16 Jun 2014|04:24am]

5 - Dragon Ball Z
53 - Legend of Zelda

HERE at castletown.
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Selling Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (2002) Game Boy Advance Game! [07 Aug 2013|08:27pm]


Auctions end today! Starting bid prices are super-cheap: $ 0.50 per video game and the DS Lite!

Nintendo Game Boy Advance Game: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (2002) on eBay, currently at $11.00 USD at the time of this post!

I'm also selling a Nintendo DS Lite, and three Nintendo DS Games: Animal Crossing: Wild World (2005), Diddy Kong Racing DS (2007), and Super Mario 64 DS (2004), if you want to see my other eBay listings.

Shipping: I can combine shipping if you buy multiple items.

Shipping Outside USA: The shipping price of $3.75 is for shipping within the continental United States. If you're outside of the country, I'd go and get the price from the post office, and then let you know how much it would cost. :)

Feedback and Returns: I have good eBay feedback and a long-established account. Unfortunately, I can't accept returns because I'm leaving the country!
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London Symphony Orchestra- Legend of Zelda [10 Apr 2013|02:49pm]

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ZREO (Zelda Reorchestrated) coming to a close [03 Apr 2013|11:15am]

via their website:

"For almost 9 years, Zelda Reorchestrated has been producing Zelda arrangements explicitly out of love for the franchise and the compositions they have to offer. However, the time has come to bring the project to a close."

It was a decision made by the entire team, and the website will remain online until June 12, 2013.
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Konsantin Gusenkov: Route Riddle (feat. Razxca) [02 Apr 2013|03:35pm]


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Docjazz4's Ocarina Album Kickstarter project! [29 Mar 2013|05:56pm]

Mods, I hope this is allowed.

If any Zelda fans have tried searching 'ocarina' on Youtube, surely you would've encountered David 'Docjazz4' Ramos' ocarina videos :) His Song of Storm video is the most viewed ocarina video in the world on Youtube. Like many, he was inspired by Zelda to play the ocarina, and for the past 6 years, he's been playing and spreading awareness for the instrument.

He's currently running a Kickstarter project in funding for his first ocarina album! It would be great if any Zelda fans out there can pledge, even if it's a small amount. Any and every $1 will help :) There are many ocarina-related rewards for pledging!

Kickstarter link: http://bit.ly/ocarina-album (ends 4/26)

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Fanfic: Strength of Heart, Chapter One [16 Feb 2013|04:12pm]

Title: Strength of Heart
Rating: T
Characters: Link, Ganon, OC
Genre: Adventure, Supernatural
Summary: Link was weakened after his victorious battle against Majora, and he disappeared. Rumors spread that he had returned to another realm, and rumors turned to legend. Years later, the Hero of Time is discovered by an Ordon youth whose fate is tied directly to his. With Ganon's influence corrupting Hyrule once more, the two must figure out how to stop him, and in whom the answer lies.


Livejournal | FFN | AO3
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Hyrule Historia [23 Jan 2013|09:36am]


Dark Horse books released Hyrule Historia this month, a 272-page tome which details the 16 titles in The Legend of Zelda series all the way from the NES versions to Skyward Sword. Artwork includes the various portrayals of Link and Zelda throughout the series including concept art as well as other characters and creatures. Historia delves deeper into the Zelda mythos revealing various canon elements throughout the games.

The Legend of Zelda celebrates 25 years since its release of the first NES 8 Bit title.

The CD has also been released prior to the tome, music is orchestrated and includes tracks from all games as well:

I plan to get mine next month if the tome is still avialable.
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Between the tides [03 Nov 2012|10:38pm]


Title: Between the tides
Characters: Ganondorf-centric, implied Ganondorf/Zelda (general universe)
Rating: G
Summary: He knows the tide will come in, one day.

At my journal.

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[27 Sep 2012|09:41pm]

In celebration of OoT: 3D being released in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Nintendo commissioned Akira Himekawa - the two women behind the manga adaptions - to produce a mini-manga of sorts for the game featuring the final battle between Link Ganondorf. Apparently they were asked to make it a little more "mature" than their usual style. The result is actually pretty awesome. You can read it here, although be aware that it takes awhile to download. Additionally, the manga is entirely done in Chinese and hasn't been out long enough for anybody to produce a translation. I don't think that will be much of a problem for fans who have played the game, though. :D Edit: Zeldaanime has now provided an English translation.

Here's a preview image that's been making the rounds on tumblr:


Edit: A commenter has alerted me that the actual release area is Taiwan and Hong Kong, not China, as had been stated to me before I made this post. My apologies for the miscommunication and any offense it may have caused!
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Said the spider to the fly [Fanart] [27 Sep 2012|03:08pm]

Series: Zelda (Skyward Sword)
Character: Ghirahim, Zelda
Rating: G
Spoilers: None

From the 13th chapter of my fic, Who By Fie.

Click the preview for full size.


[Or click here]
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The things he takes [23 Sep 2012|04:36pm]

Title: The things he takes
Characters: Ghirahim, Zelda
Rating: T
Summary: He takes and takes and takes and never gives.
Note: Companion piece to "Who By Fire."

At my journal.
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Podcast of fanfic [31 Aug 2012|08:12pm]

There is a user on Tumblr, selahexanimo, who does podcasts of Legend of Zelda fanfics. I discovered this yesterday when she contacted me about recording one of my own fic, "Burn." The link to her audio of my fic is here, and you can access her other podcasts there on the blog as well.
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reecho [Oot: Zelda, Link] [14 Aug 2012|08:04pm]

Title: Reecho
Characters: Link, Zelda (Oot)
Rating: G
: They look at one another, across one-thousand years, caught in never ending ellipsis.
Note: Written for Zelda Universe's writing challenge.

At my journal.
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Lucid Dreaming [Link/Zelda, Ghirahim/Zelda] [09 Aug 2012|09:47pm]

Title: Lucid dreaming
Characters: Link/Zelda, Ghirahim/Zelda
Rating: NC-17
: He smiles a wicked, devilish smile.
A/N: This takes place in the universe of my other fanfiction, Who By Fire, so I would suggest reading it before this. However, this can be read alone.

Warning: Depicts violent sex.

At my journal.

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