I'm a freakin' Werewolf (wolf78) wrote in zelda_lovers,
I'm a freakin' Werewolf

Hyrule Historia

Dark Horse books released Hyrule Historia this month, a 272-page tome which details the 16 titles in The Legend of Zelda series all the way from the NES versions to Skyward Sword. Artwork includes the various portrayals of Link and Zelda throughout the series including concept art as well as other characters and creatures. Historia delves deeper into the Zelda mythos revealing various canon elements throughout the games.

The Legend of Zelda celebrates 25 years since its release of the first NES 8 Bit title.

The CD has also been released prior to the tome, music is orchestrated and includes tracks from all games as well:

I plan to get mine next month if the tome is still avialable.
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