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The Legend of Zelda Community
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So, you like the Legend of Zelda, huh? Well, you're more than welcome to join! We've got a great community here, full of active members who'd love to help you out on that problem you're having in the Water Temple, or have a good-natured conversation about the timeline.

However, there have been a few problems in the past, and as much as I hate to actually be a moderator, I do have to put a few rules here. If you've got any questions or comments, please do feel free to drop me a line over at harmonious, or poke one of the other mods: meatina or holywombats.

1. Please, stay on topic.
The topic here is The Legend of Zelda, which includes the video game series, comics, cartoons, fan material (adult content in any of this is acceptable but should be under a cut with a proper warning), and anything else you can find that is related to the name (this includes sales posts, community advertising, so on and so forth!). General information on Nintendo and its systems are also acceptable, but please don't push it. Do NOT post questions about LiveJournal, your love life, or politics here.
2. Please, don't start flame wars.
Talking about controversial things, like whether or not people like the graphics in Wind Waker, is one thing, but pointless and/or unnecessary negative comments should not be posted. Constructive criticism for fanart or fanfiction, however, is more than welcome unless the author or artist in question specifies otherwise. And members, if you feel like you're being harassed by someone in this community, do feel free to let us know.
3. Put large media under a cut.
Unless they're LJ-icon sized (or smaller.) you will not post more than one image outside of a cut. Anything longer or wider than 300 pixels must go under a cut regardless, and THIS INCLUDES VIDEOS.
4. Quizzes and memes are okay to post, but if you're going to reply with your results, do it as a comment on the original entry.
So, user number one finds a cool new Zelda quiz and posts it. User number two makes a new post with their results, and the chain continues. Eventually there are so many posts that it's ridiculous. I hate to tell you, but most people don't care what your quiz results are, but those who do will be happy to click on the comments link and find out. Please, post your results in reply to one post, don't make a new one.
5. What moderator says, goes.
We try very hard to be fair and make this community a fun place to hang out, but sometimes we have to actually moderate, and not just play. If we delete your post, accept it and move on. If you post it again, we'll delete it again and ban you. If you make a new post whining about the fact that your post got deleted, we'll delete that, too. Although this is an open, friendly community, we still own and run it, and when we make a decision, we stick to it.


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