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omg news! here is the official wii guide to TP in the nintendo store. if you click it has a slight spoiler.

but if you want mega spoilers i'm typing out this article someone scanned from the new nintendo power about TP, the pics aren't new but the text is and is kinda hard to read so i'm typing it out for lj. cos i'm just that awesome.

The unprecedented size and quality of the Wii launch lineup will be capped with the most anticipated release in recent memory. On November 19th, the wait will finally be over for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is epic, beautiful, and full of suprises, not the least of which is the way that Wii Remote adds to the adventure's immersiveness, it's also enormous, providing as much gameplay in the overworld (Hyrule and beyond) as in it's nine huge dungeons.

But perhaps Twilight Princess's most striking feature is the way that it advances the legend, telling the story of a kingdom caught between light and shadow, day and night. As Link emerges from his place as humble villager to a world-saving hero, he also transforms into a creature of the darkness, with animal instincts and vicious new abilities. The game's art style recalls that of Ocarina of Time (two generations improved) as does Link's horsemanship and his adept use of a sword, bow, a boomerang, and other familiar (but enhanced) tools. He even casts a fishing line. Get ready-you're about to catch the big one.

Link is left-handed traditionally, but for the Wii version of Twilight Princess, he becomes a righty to sinc with the way that you will use the controls: the Wii Remote in your right hand to trigger weapons, and the Nunchuck in your left hand to manager the character's movement. By swiping the remote you'll make the hero slash his sword. By thrusting forward while Link moves towards a locked on target, you'll instruct him to jab his prey. Shake the Nunchuck to have Link spin 360 degrees, slicing every enemy withing his range. The remote also gives you a pinpoint aim with projectile weapons. And, when Link is in wolf form, waving the Wii Remote causes him to maul enemies with his teeth and claws. A shake of the Nunchuck makes him spin and beat bad guys with his body. The great strength of the control scheme is that it gives you the ability to command the character intuitively, making it easy to imagine yourself as the hero -and the beast- of Hyrule.

Your journey begins in Ordon Village, where Link works as a farm hand, herding sheep from the back of steed Epona and teaching the local children the proper use of a slingshot and wooden sword. When shadow creatures appear from the twilight realm then trash the village and take some of it's citizens captive (including the children) the young rancher finds himself, in the form of a wolf, behind bars in the twilight realm: a dark and deserted version of Hyrule Castle. That's where the mysterious Midna comes into the picture and leads Link to the Twilight Princess. It doesn't take much guesswork to figure out the princess's real identity, but it's still a thrill to see her pull back the hood of her cloak and reveal herself. She exposes Link, too, as the one who must lift the kingdom from the shadow creatures. From there, the adventure unfolds like the classic Legend of Zelda game that it is-Link ventures far and wide, both as a world and as a human, out of his ranch hand getup and in the green tunic-the Hero's Clothes. Later he earns additional armor that bestows him with new abilities.

The game's quest has Link freeing the world by entering dungeons, solving puzzles and making his way to battles against the creatures who would keep the darkness over the kingdom for all time. Nearly every dungeon holds a tool that gives the hero power to reach new areas. The Gale Boomerang, an updated version of one of Link's longstanding weapons, creates a whirwind that picks up and carries items back to the hero. It's also capable of hitting targets in a series. After you point to your targets then let go of the weapon it sails to each destination, causing havoc for the enemies, and even carrying bombs to Link's target. The Hero's Bow is another new version of an item that Link has had in his arsenal for some time. While riding Epona across the battlefield, Link can turn and fire arrows at those who wish him harm. That's just the beginning of Link's arsenal. He carries two types of Clawshots. A single claw works as a grappling device, letting the adventurer reach new heights. Dual claws work like Tarzan's wires or Spiderman's webbling, allowing Link to swing over gaps. Iron boots also have mutiple uses. They grip magnetic surfaces, letting the hero walk upside down on the ceiling. They also make Link sink to the bottoms of lakes and rivers, and keep him from being swept away by strong winds. Another heavy item, the Ball and Chain, forces Link to walk slowly while he's carrying it, but powers through enemies and weak walls. On the lighter side is the Spinnec, a roatating platform with which Link charges into enemies and hovers over the ground. It has gears that make it latch onto tracks and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Link has three types of bombs, as well, plus many other useful devices.

When twilight realm's dark magic turns our hero into a toothy beast, he is capable of digging holes to discover passages, and can use his canine senses to root out secrets. His passenger, Midna, offers clues, creates an energy field that stuns and targets enemies, and guides the wolf difficult terrain. But, Midna's involvement doesn't stop there. At a crucial point in the adventure, she gives Link the ability to travel long distances in an instant, telporting from one exotic location to the next.

Graphically speaking, the game makes a big leap from its predecessors. In an adventure that deals with a war between light and dark, it's fitting that the game accentuates illumination and shadows, creating a moody atmosphere both in the normal plane and in the twilight realm. Early on, Link warms an oil lamp that gives off a yellow glow, spreading light over the hero and his immediate surroundings as he explores a cave. Torches, which Link can light with the lamp, help him spread the hazy light that reveals items and enemies in the passages. Shortly after that episode, a monkey grabs the lamp and uses it to burn away a deadly fog, giving you an early(?) beautiful trip to the game's first dungeon.

Beyond the main adventure, the game is loaded with side quests and item collection. Not only are heart pieces (now five to a heart container) scattered all over the land, but so are a series of golden edit:bugs and limp Poe's Souls (found only at night).

To enhance the experience even more, the Wii's rumble feature accentuates damage from enemies and emphasizes the presence of hidden items. And the remote's speaker calls attention to ambient sounds, such as Midna's laugh (which indicates that she has something to say), the slash of Link's sword, and the snap of his bow.

Twilight Princess's long journey to the Wii console is about to come to a close, and the real journey-Link's quest to save Hyrule-is about to begin. Like the original Legend of Zelda game, and many of the Zelda titles that have followed, the game will set the bar to a new height for adventures to come.

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